About Us

Kasa has been providing turnkey industrial controls and panel build to the automotive and grain industries since 1974. We’ve expanded that knowledge to other areas, including baggage handling, industrial paint systems, water/wastewater and now the parcel industry. We specialize in material handling and provide the brains to move materials throughout your facility, no matter the industry.

Our customers expect on-schedule projects, and we ensure that by our front-end work. This includes producing electrical designs on time, developing code and graphics well in advance of on-site arrival, vetting our software through our in-house FAT processes, and preparing commissioning manuals and checklists to guarantee every detail of the full project's scope is methodically verified.

At Kasa, we pride ourselves on our reputation for successful project execution. Attention to detail and quality project performance are important in all our industries and parcel automation is no different.

Kasa Companies is the parent company of Kasa Controls & AutomationIntelliFinishing, and Kasa Parcel Automation. 

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